Eden overture 250E
White skates with blades fitted, U.K. 4 1/2 wide fitting
Price: £140.00
Eden chorus 265
White skates, fitted with coronation ace blades uk 6 1/2
Price: £355.00
Eden overture 305E
Black e skates fitted with blades, U.K. 11 1/2 wide
Price: £168.00
Eden overture 295 E
Black edeaskates with blades fitted, U.K. 9 1/2-10
Price: £168.00
Hard to find skates. Here we have stock of skates that are a little harder  to find when you need them, usually have at least a 6-8 week wait time, and can be even longer during the summer close times, not  in the sale, but at very competitive prices. 
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