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Skate shop lee valley ice centre 
I have  regretfully closed  the shop on the 31/03/18, after 8 memorable years.
I did not come to this decision lightly, but due to the distance travelled and the low profit margins of products, I’ve had to make this difficult decision .
I thank my loyal  customers and many fantastic friends that I have made over the past years.
I am planning to continue sk8 bling on line and as a pop up shop at competitions and galas around the country so look out for me and come and say hello.
If you are holding an event that you would like me to attend, please email me , as all invitations are  most welcome 

I am a skating parent, for both ice and roller skating and now run SK8 BLING, I run stands at competitions selling,   dresses and skating related products, suitable for presents, gifts and throw-ons etc.
As a parent I understand the frustrations of trying to find affordable skating items, this site hopefully brings many items together on one site.
I  attend a number of Opens and Shows throughout the year, so look out for my stands.  If you are holding an event and feel you would like a stall please email for availability.all. Invitations welcome.
For overseas buyers please see Overseas postage page.
"For the smile, only Bling can bring"
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